Dr. Belter - Collagen Masks

Professional Collagen Treatments

Imagine Salon & Spa is very excited to introduce our Dr. Belter Collagen treatments.

We offer a professional service, as well as retail these masks to support your home care regime.

We carry a choice of masks suited to your skins needs. Our Aestheticians will personally take time to educate you in both benefits and use.

The masks are infused with a variety of nutrients designed to address different needs. The fleece sheets can be used as a full face mask or specific areas to improve your skins appearance. Greatly diminish wrinkles, fine lines, reduce irritation, sensitive skin and damaged skin. Your skin will love it and we guarantee you will too!

Benefits include:

Hydration and nourish your skin
Infuse Collagen, and slow depletion
More youthful looking skin, helps to prevent signs of aging
Soothing and relaxing, amazing how these masks reduce stress!
Simple easy and quick to use

Book an appointment with our Spa, indulge yourself with a professional treatment. See immediate results, and then learn how you can maintain your very own treatment at home.

They add 35% more moisture, no perfume or additives, a strong hydration effect and they are anti-irritative!

Cooling and refreshing, your skin will not just thank you for it, it will show you, your skin never looked better!

Collagen Mask Services
Full Face Collagen Mask$45
Full Neck Collagen Mask$45
Single area Mask add on to any service, areas include Forehead, Eyes, Mouth, Nose$15
Take Home Masks include 6 Full Face treatments & Application Gel$130
Take home masks can be cut for maximum use, as well can be cut to use on specific areas often
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