Wine Survivor

Wine Survivor

Please help support our team as they further their education in 2018.

To take part in this awesome event you'll need to drop off one bottle of wine before , March 1st, along with $20.00 cash donation. 

Wine Survivor is a reverse draw - the last three standing win the wine! First place winner gets half of the bottles of wine while the second and third place winners gets 1/4 of the bottles of wine each.

Every Friday, starting March 9th, we will draw a name out of the pot. If your name is drawn you have lost your chance to win the wine. The last draw will be held on Friday, March 30th when the three lucky winners will be revealed! 

Want to increase your odds of winning? In true Survivor spirit there will be immunity - for $5 you can add on 1 immunity, which means your name is returned to the pot should it be drawn.
1 immunities can be purchased per person upon entry.

More people participating in Wine Survivor means more wine to be won, so be sure to share the event with your friends :). 
If you would like to participateplease send an email to