Beautycol Food Supplement

Exciting new product at Imagine Spa, Beauty Col!!

Beautiful skin, hair & nails does not just happen, The key is COLLAGEN.
Unfortunately, our Collagen levels decrease by age 18 and visible changes are noticeable by age 30.

This supplement has properties patented to speed absorption into our skin, leaving you with stronger nails, healthier skin more shine in your hair! What's not to love!!

Collagen promotes improved skin suppleness, elasticity and hydration.

It is 97% identical to our own Collagen! You will see amazing results in as little as 4 weeks!
Results, look
*Improved skin appearance by 90%
*Reduction of fine lines & wrinkles by 31%
*Thicker hair & nails by 15%
*Improved hydration by 28%
Taken orally in the morning

We currently have in stock a limited supply, drop in and get your today!