You are what you Eat

A healthy way for healthy hair

How often have you heard the following statement? YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! As we begin 2016 I am sure many of us have been thinking about this statement.

If not already most of us have broken the ‘resolutions’ we made to ourselves leading up to and on New Year's Eve. In hopes of giving you more ‘food for thought’ I thought it might be interesting to give you more to ponder.

Since most of us know what goes in must come out, have you taken the time to think about how certain foods can effect our hair? OK, look I know the first priority should be about how the foods we eat effect our body, however today lets look at thinking about our hair and how the foods we eat can improve your crowning glory.

EGGS - Very rich in biotin, this is a vitamin B base essential for hair growth and improving our scalp promoting healthy hair growth. Several manufacturers include Biotin in the shampoos they develop. Biotin is naturally made in our intestines usually this is sufficient for most of us so taking a Biotin supplement is usually not necessary.  Some other common foods to supplement your Biotin intake are Almonds, Wheat bran, Salmon and Low fat Cheeses.

SPINACH -  This is an excellent vegetable for many reasons. Spinach is loaded with Folate and Vitamin B, which promotes red blood cells. They of coarse carry oxygen and this is really good for your hair! It is widely know that low iron especially in premenopausal women can result in fatigue lack of energy and even hair loss. So ladies eat lots of Spinach.

BELL PEPPERS -  Strong in Vitamin C they help carry iron through your body and to your scalp promoting healthy follicles. We know Collagen helps hold everything together, as Collagen is often promoted in cosmetics. Not enough Vitamin C in our bodies can result in hair breakage and split ends.

LENTILS - For those who are vegetarians is important to eat a lot of iron rich foods like Lentils. Starchy beans are essential for cell growth in our bodies along with hair cell development called Keratin. Without strong Keratin development hair is weaker, grows more slowly and is susceptible to breakage.

SWEET POTATOES - are rich in beta-carotene and help create vitamin A. Lack of this essential vitamin can create hair loss, dry skin and dandruff. But do not over due your vitamin intake because to much of a good thing may not be best!

OYSTERS -  have mineral zinc which is great for strong tissue growth and repair. Helping to keep your oil glands active they support keeping the follicles working properly. Additional foods that contain mineral zinc are crab, clams, liver lean meats, yogurt, and lean beef.

MEATS SUCH AS PORK -  is rich in vitamin B, B6, B12 and help with red blood cells. Not having enough vitamin B can starve the cells, which can cause hair loss, heading, slow growth and generally weaker hair. Other places for getting vitamin B are dairy foods, peanut butter, eggs, and fortified whole grain cereals, chicken and shellfish.

So it looks as though we have covered many options for not just your hair, but your body overall. The simple message here is take the time to shop buying foods that you prepare, and are not processed. Another popular saying is “plan your work and work your plan” Living well begins with forethought and preparation. My wish for all of you in the coming year, is be well, be strong and be BEAUTIFUL.  

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Much of the information provided in this article can be found by reading Hair Health, by Onyinye Onesimus-Ocheho

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