Practical Honesty - 30 years of trying

It is hard to believe I have been a salon owner since October 14th 1986. That's 31 YEARS! This was the beginning of Ian Marc's Hairstyling, a small salon in the basement of a beautiful old home on Dresden Row. Who knew? I opened the salon with only one thing in mind, not to embarrass myself! Well, maybe two, offer services to our customers who cared about 'practical honesty' Yes Practical Honesty! You see, as hairstylists our objective is to please customers, in some cases at any cost. Not monetary but a shear desire to offer a skill our customer would like. Often without wanting to offend a customer with a discussion of what is the truth, we proceed with blindness and a willingness to try and 'hope' for the best. Practical honesty could mean saying to a customer what they are expecting isn't practical, suitable or manageable. Practical honesty could mean "I don't know what the hell I'm doing!" Ian Marc's hope back in 1986 was to be sincere, honest and tell customers the truth. To this day, I still believe deeply about communication and finding a connection with those who sit in our chair. In fact I care about this so much I have spent the last 30 years hoping my philosophy rubs off on those who work for our company! In 2008 when my wife and I decided to expand into a beautiful 3300 square foot salon & spa in Bedford NS we chose to rebrand our name from mine, Ian Marc's to Imagine Salon & Spa. Imagine the possibilities, Imagine the opportunities, Imagine the belief we would be around for thirty years for us and you our most valuable asset. Practical honesty is what we started, and it is what we will continue to do. So the next time you sit in a stylists chair, help them by being honest, practically all the time. See you in the salon!


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31 Years! Where has the time gone! Thank you, for the amazing journey.