Why Hairstylists are everyones best friend

Why Hairstylists Are Everyone’s Best Friend

True Stylists know that keeping a professional relationship with their clients is a must, but quite often to your guest, you are so much more. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we decided to focus on the best relationship, the one that you share with your clients! Here are 7 reasons why your clients think of you as one of their best friends.

1. Small talk level: Expert.
– You know exactly what to ask to get your guests to open up to you. Especially since you make conversation with all your guests, including some who would rather stay silent, you know exactly how to keep a conversation interesting.

2. Bad hair day? No problem.
– No matter what a client comes in looking like, you make sure that they leave the salon looking (and feeling) amazing.
Barber makes the cut for man

3. Nothing really shocks you.
– You know this is true. If you have been working behind the chair, you have probably seen and heard it all, so your clients feel comfortable sharing with you.

4. You practice ‘honesty is the best policy.’
– You tell it like it is to your guests in a polite way. If a certain style won’t look right with their face shape, or you know that the new color they want for their hair is too much maintenance at home, you recommend something else. The best part? They thank you for it.
Hair salon. Choice of color.

5. You have an unofficial psychology degree.
– Sometimes a haircut is more effective than a therapy session. Your clients pour their hearts out to you, especially during big life changes, and just having you listen and sympathize while giving them a new style makes their day.

6. Staying ahead of the next trend is your specialty.
– Your guests and friends can always count on you to be one step ahead when it comes to style and beauty advice. As a stylist, you put extra effort into keeping yourself inspired and on trend with new and challenging looks to share with your clients.

7. Passion for hair is in your blood.
– As a True Stylist, you love what you do and couldn’t picture any other career option. You’re always looking to improve and learn new techniques and it shows.