Do the Deva Curl 3-step

 Watch this short video by clicking the link and see how you can have the perfect curly lifestyle! We have select certified stylists who are able to teach and educate you in obtainging the beautiful easy care hair. Call us for more details. 

Now that you have seen the video (there are many more available) Here are a few guidelines prior to your appointment at Imagine;

  • When you are coming in for your appointment, come in with your hair as natural as can be. Shampoo either the day before or earlier on the day before your appointment.
  • After a through consultation, your hair will be dry cut, to accent the texture and desired shape to your style.
  • We will teach you how to shampoo & style your hair for optimum results. (yes there is a specific way to manage your hair)
  • Because Deva Curl is designed for people who have had challenges obtaining the best possible results, a complete understanding of home-care products and procedures are essential for long term results.
  • Your service will be approximately 75 minutes.