A New Year - A New YOU!

After the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season is over, we can now look ahead and focus all our energy on making 2015 one of our best years yet! I know for me, the New Year brings time for reflection and gratitude, but also the want to make some much needed changes in my life! Other than focusing on the inevitable (extra 10lb holiday weight gain, anyone?), I get excited to think about what the New Year has in store for me in terms of a makeover. What better time to reinvent yourself or even just spruce up your current ‘do' to cure the winter blahs?

Last year saw many interesting hair trends, whether they seemed to come out of nowhere (man buns?) or took a favorite trend and revamped it for an updated version. In 2014, there was a sudden urge to cut hair short (we can thank Jennifer Lawrence for that, and we do), as well as who can forget the “lob” as one of the biggest trends for those looking to make a change with their long hair. From Kim Kardashian curls to braids, braids and more braids, there was a look to suit all tastes and styles. With haircolor, we transitioned from stark ombre to sombre (aka soft ombre) and from monochromatic color to color with texture and variations on tones. Some of the most popular colors were many shades of platinum and grey, plums and violets, and cool jade browns.
2015 has much more in store for us on the hair front! Gone are the days when each hair had to be exactly in place, the trend this year is definitely messy chic! From the runways to the streets and all places in between, softly tousled, textured hair is in. From loose, beachy waves, to messy buns, to even messier braids, the forecast says that this year is one to let your hair down and have some fun!

With haircolor, the forecast is somewhat stormy (in a good way)! The greys and cool tones from last year have some serious staying power, but revamped with the addition of unexpected undertones. Think darker roots, extreme yet subtle color combinations (platinum with faint hints of crimson red and midnight blue) or even just a few strategically placed lowlights to add some depth and drama to your look. For blondes, babylights are the newest trend, placing very soft and thin weaves of blond around the face and throughout the crown to mimic the color from when we were kids. This is a great and subtle way to add dimension to your hair, and give it that much needed boost, just in time for spring!
I look forward to this New Year for many reasons, but I can’t wait to see you all and help to make your hair transformation into a new you a reality!
Alicia ☺