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6 week smoothing service
Looking for beautiful manageable hair, on hard to manage hair? Look no further!

Imagine Salon & Spa Would you like amazing control of your hard to manage hair? Then ask us about Cezanne EXRESS Keratin Smoothing Treatment


To those who have taken the time to follow my journey, a heartfelt thank you

This blog has been written to share my story as a stylist and a salon owner. I have tried to be open and honest with the trials and tribulations in my 39 years. Thank you for taking the time to read it.


Blog 7 -I am a Hairstylist & my name is Ian Marc
What is in a name & we are about to expand

This important blog identifies how are name came to be and how we decided to change our name from Ian Marc's Hairstyling to Imagine Salon & Spa. Our Bedford salon is about to become 3 times larger and this is a story of how we did it!


Blog 6 in the series Hello my name is Ian Marc and I am a Hairstylist
This is the 6th post in the series, one more to go

The series I have written has been an important part of my career as a Hairstylist and a Salon owner. I believe telling this story is important for me and those who want to know what goes on in trying to survive as a cosmetologist. I invite your comments and feedback. You can email me directly at