Cancellation Policy

We value you!

Appointments are premium times for our stylists, aestheticians and massage therapists. Equally important for our guests as well. Unfortunately we have to impose a strict cancellation policy due to the frequency of last minute cancelations or no-show appointments.

Our time is valuable, as is yours. Without cause an appointment not cancelled is a loss of time and revenue for the service provider. The unfortunate situation this causes prevents others who need an appointment from being able to get in to the salon / spa. 

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice for a cancellation

We understand situations arise that may make it difficult to meet the scheduled time. Often a phone call to us with proper explination is respected and understood.

In the event there is no communication with our Guest Service representitives we will impose a nominal charge for the first time. $25.00

A second appointment 'no show' customer or less than a 24 hour notice will result in a 50% charge of the service missed.

The third time a 100% charge will be levied.

We require the fee to be paid prior to any further scheduling of services.

We hope you respect our policy and understand the loss of time and revenue is a problem for our busy salon & spa.

Please note - in case of emergencies we may choose to waive any fees. 

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