Marcy Connors

Master Stylist

Marcy Connors, Master Stylist

Being an educator for Babe Extensions, allows me to work specifically to meet the needs of my clients. I also enjoy clients with hard to manage hair who are looking for a more controlled, relaxed hair style.

Word of Praise for Marcy Connors

The Best with Color

This place has the best colorist!!! Marcy Connors is so great smile Thanks for helping with my disastrous hair condition. Feels and looks a zillion times better!!!!!

Jill Lusion

“I knew I chose the right salon & spa”

I knew I had chosen the right salon to go to! You see.... I had a very bad cut and color at a different salon. I was thinking no one is going to be able to fix this bleached out straw looking /feeling hair of mine.... UNTIL I called Imagine Salon! When I arrived I was greeted by a smiling face at the front desk. Marcy (master stylist) was there to swift me off for my consultation. She hung my jacket and brought me a tea! What a great treat! I knew I couldn't expect miracles with the botched hair job I had however I was still really exited to see what she could pull off! It was also amazing to have a manicure while my color was processing. ... Their spa is AMAZINGLY beautiful with the sweetest aesthetic girls ever! From the ambiance to the shampoo sinks. I would like to thank Ian and Jackie and their team at Imagine!

Kelly Chambers

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